Mercury Appeal (Complete)

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Mercury Appeal (Complete)

Post by MercurySG3M » Wed Aug 18, 2021 8:07 pm

I’m back to achievement hunting and relocked all of my achievements that I used the AStats-approved community fixes for (at least, those that I had access to, which is most). I really want to use Steam Hunters as a leaderboard site; it’s easily the best tracker out there. So, I am submitting an appeal. And yes, I now have a Discord again. On with the appeal!

Discord: Mercury #9588

Relocked games:
Counter-Strike: Source - Relocked the gift grab achievement.

Absconding Zatwor - Relocked the entire game. Accidentally also relocked the level-completion achievements because I got mixed up using the SAR software, lol

Break Into Zatwor - Relocked the spam achievements.

Fiends of Imprisonment - Relocked the spam achievements.

Need For Gowna - With no way to figure out which achievements were the broken ones, I just relocked the whole game.

Beast Blaster - Relocked the spam achievements.

Cyborg Detonator - Relocked the spam achievements.

Zombie Boom - Relocked the spam achievements.

Relaxation balls - Relocked the broken achievement (FirstJump2). Bit of a shot in the dark as to which one was the right one to relock, but I confirmed that I selected it correctly.

ДОКА 2! - КРОВЬ, КИШКИ, ГОЛЫЕ СИСЬКИ - Relocked all achievements (entire game was broken).

The next four games listed I also used an AStats fix in (considered cheating), but couldn’t relock as of now due to the licenses being unavailable to me at this time. These were all done via family share a little while ago, and I’ll probably be able to get access to them again soon. When I do, I'll be sure to relock them, but for now, please just invalidate them on Steam Hunters as that's the only option.

PLAYERUNKN1WN: Friendly Fire
O'Fox Life

Since we’re doing an appeal, I do want to also bring up some other games that might be seen as suspicious during this process. However, NONE of the games listed below are cheated, I just wanted to clarify them to make this process easier.

Notes on possibly suspicious (but in reality, LEGITIMATE) games:
AdVenture Capitalist - On my AStats page, you’ll see that all of my AdVenture Capitalist achievements are marked as invalid. This is due to an autodetection as a result of the really low completion time (~16 hours). I didn’t change my system clock or anything like that; I think at one point I just hadn’t opened the game in a couple years and got a good amount of progress from that alone. Not to mention, I only played this one actively and would always close it when I couldn’t progress. I was able to appeal to AStats moderators and get this issue fixed back in the day. Since the AStats data corruption, though, they are once again listed as invalid on there, but I can assure you that they are valid. The proof used in that appeal were Twitch VODs of me playing the game, which I’ve linked below: ... &index=126 ... &index=127
I think that’s all there was in regards to that. I’m not sure if AStats archives finished appeals or not, so I couldn’t find the link to that, but I can say with 99% certainty that I did it with mat.duf, if that’s of any help.

无主之地:银河 4X-Galaxy - The “BUG nemesis” achievement I legitimately obtained via the developer. Might be the only achievement hunter who even has this. Video proof:
I even wrote a guide for it on AStats: ... 450#tabs-2

Wild Warfare - The “Snail Lover” achievement is one that did indeed have an AStats fix available at one point. However, the reason it was pulled was because I somehow obtained the achievement without the use of it, therefore nullifying the logic that justified the need for such an unofficial fix. To be quite frank, it is completely beyond me how I got this to work, but I know for a fact that it was not due to any unofficial patch. I distinctly remember doing some of the other snail mode achievements, possibly leaving the game running (due to stat resets upon closure), playing some other mode to work towards achievements, then having it pop up pretty randomly during gameplay. I specifically remember being extremely surprised when this happened. While it’s listed as “unobtainable” over on Steam Hunters, I think this is inaccurate. Not to mention, over the years there’s been other users who managed to obtain it (it never did quite work as intended, that much I can definitely say for sure).

If there are any other games that appear to be suspicious, I’d be happy to clarify/discuss these instances. However, I can assure you that I have thoroughly gone through my list of games to make sure this appeal is as extensive as can be. I do not have any other games that I’ve cheated in other than the ones I listed above (all of which were marked due to usage of AStats-approved fixes). I look forward to competing on the SH leaderboards once again.

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Re: Mercury Appeal

Post by MercurySG3M » Tue Nov 09, 2021 8:26 pm

My Discord tag is now Mercury#0280. I note this because the number was different at the time I posted this appeal.

I would be happy to speak over voice chat in regards to this appeal if needed with a moderator.

I realize that I did the relocking before having my appeal looked at, which seems to be against standard procedure, though because the games relocked were obvious enough counts of cheating (where timestamps probably aren't that relevant) hopefully this isn't too great of an issue. I apologize nonetheless for this.

I look forward to having my appeal looked at, as it has been a long time since I posted it. I look forward to rejoining Steam Hunters as a verified user and proceeding peacefully within the broader community in the future.

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Re: Mercury Appeal

Post by driftee » Thu Nov 11, 2021 12:38 pm

Hey Mercury, thanks for appealing about this and sorry for the delayed response.

As you stated it's preferred to be relocked during the appeal process but everything seems fine for now. Noticed you have also obtained the licenses to the 4 aforementioned games and relocked them. Very easy to miss stuff on both ends with profiles like this so if you see any issues arise in the future be sure to let me know.

As everything is seemingly complete I'll go ahead and mark this as complete for now and reinstate you on the leaderboards. Once again sorry for the delayed response.

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