G33/G31 ECF Appeal (Withdrawn)

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Re: G33/G31 ECF Appeal (Reopened)

Post by Iranite » Thu Jan 27, 2022 5:43 am

Hi G33/G31,
thank you for coming clear about your cheat history when you were younger.
The method you used to get the gift grab fro Counterstrike is certainly against our rules and you will have to re-lock that one as well. At the moment there is no way to unlock that achievement without breaking the rules.
The missing achievements very likely come from you re-locking them a while ago. If you re-lock achievements without an appeal, we see that as cheating.

So, please re-lock that Gift Grab and have some patience until we can further process the appeal.

Have a nice Day

Iranite - 100Pals ambassador

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